Academic Results

A rigorous academic program combined with co-curricular challenges is the key to success

Through the combination of a rigorous academic program and exciting and varied co-curricular challenges, students are able to discover and develop their strengths and interests in a learning environment that celebrates achievement.

Curriculum at Ivanhoe is grounded in rigorous academic standards, relevant to the interests of adolescents. All students are encouraged to achieve high standards and become life-long learners.

Students regularly perform well above the State average in ATAR scores, giving them access to University placements and courses of their choice. Regular assessment provides valuable feedback to students about how they learn, and it informs teachers about students' development of skills and understanding.

2016 Results

Following the release of the International Baccalaureate results, I am now in a position to provide a consolidated picture of the academic outcomes and successes of the Class of 2016. 

As you would know, a number of Year 12 students at Ivanhoe Grammar School chose to undertake the well-respected International Baccalaureate (IB) to expand their options for tertiary education.

The dedication and hard work for these students were realised today with the release of the IB results. Congratulations to all students, we are extremely proud of their achievements.

In particular we would like to congratulate our IB Dux Olivia Leyden who achieved a perfect IB score of 45. This is equivalent to a perfect ATAR and places Olivia in the top 0.3% of IB graduates internationally.

I would again like to congratulate our Dux of VCE at each campus, alongside Olivia as our IB Dux and overall School Dux, each receiving exceptional results. Well done Leah Traill from The Ridgeway Campus who received an ATAR of 99.8 and Chloe Ioannidis from Plenty Campus who received an ATAR of 99.1

Congratulations is extended to all our students who, on a consolidated (VCE and IB) basis achieved:

11% of our Year 12 students achieved an ATAR of 95 or above, placing them in the top 5% of the State.

One in four students achieved an ATAR of 90 (top 10% of the State).

Just on half of our students achieved an ATAR equivalent of 80 or above (top 20% of the State)

And most significantly, there were 29 perfect study scores in VCE and IB subjects.

As an open-entry school, students of all abilities are a part of our School community. Although the results above share some of our top achievements, the importance of celebrating the personal best of all our students cannot be underestimated. I congratulate all students who have worked to their capacity and thank the dedicated teaching staff who have supported them. ​ 

Further details about our Year 2016 results and student’s destinations will be published in February when all university offers have been made to our students.

We are extremely proud of our class of 2016 and wish them success in their future endeavours.

Yours sincerely

Gerard F Foley