Mission and Values

Our Mission is to be a community of learning that develops in students the skills and attitudes that will prepare them for the challenges and responsibilities of adult citizenship and in which the development of individual character and personal achievement by all students is encouraged and celebrated.

Our Mission is underpinned by our Community Values and Organisational Values.

Community Values


We acknowledge the diversity of voices within our community and grant each individual the encouragement and freedom to be heard.


We stress the importance of a responsible approach to School life. Through responsibility and accountability, respect for others and for the environment, we can truly enjoy a sense of freedom and the opportunities that freedom affords.


We wish to be compassionate and considerate in our interactions with each other, including those from different cultural backgrounds, valuing diversity and understanding the importance of developing an international mindset.


We respect self-discipline, effort and commitment in all pursuits and approach learning with thoughtfulness and curiosity.


We strive for honesty and integrity in all dealings with and between students and staff.


We will provide a safe working environment without risk to health within the Ivanhoe community.


We celebrate the range and variety of experiences on offer at our School.


We commit ourselves to serving our wider community and building partnerships to benefit members of the School Family.

We also share a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and student responsibility through our membership of the Round Square International Network of Schools, whose IDEALS are characterised as Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental Awareness, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

Organisational Values

Ivanhoe Grammar School will strive to:

• Exist as a co-educational community

• Nurture the School’s Christian values in the  Anglican tradition

• Be a place where students feel safe, valued and listened to

• Produce a learning environment that sets clear educational expectations for students

• Infuse innovation, creativity and technology into all aspects of its program, while valuing history and tradition

• Create in students and staff international consciousness and global competency

• Emphasise the importance of ongoing professional growth for staff

• Maintain a leadership culture

Democratic Principles

The programs of, and teaching in our School support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

• Elected government

• The rule of law

• Equal rights for all before the law

• Freedom of religion

• Freedom of speech and association

• The values of openness and tolerance

Our Motto

Our emphasis on community, mutual respect, support and partnerships is guided by our motto – fidelis usque ad mortem (faithful even until death) and the importance we place on the Ivanhoe Grammar School family.